Cooke Township requires “Valuation Permits” (local Building Permits) for construction projects such as repairs, additions, or alterations to residents and/or cabins and other structures.  Examples include work of any type on roofs, porches, decks, or garages, please note this is not a complete list.  Some of this work may also require a (UCC) Uniformed Construction Code Building Permit.  Cooke Township ordinance 2005-01 is on our web site .   

If you have a project, costing over $500.00 you will need to get a Cooke Township Valuation Permit.  Please call Janet Frantz the township secretary at (717)486-8114 to verify if you need a Permit.  The owner of record is always responsible, the owner may have their contractor check on getting a Permit for them, but ultimately it is the owner’s responsibility to be sure the appropriate laws are followed.

The UCC is a state-mandated Permit process administered by local Townships.  Cooke Township, along with other local Townships, belongs to the Western Cumberland County Council of Governments, which contracted with the Middle Department Inspection Agency (MDIA) to perform UCC inspections.  MDIA works out of the West Pennsboro Township Building, at 2150 Newville Road, Carlisle, PA.  The West Pennsboro office is open 8 AM to 4 PM, Monday through Friday.

The Cooke Township Secretary is flexible in making appointments to meet owners or contractors at the Cooke Township Building, 1700 Centerville Road, Newville, PA 17241 to secure the appropriate Permit.  When calling the Secretary about your permit, please have a detailed description of everything you are planning to do.  Depending on what you plan to complete, she may be required to send you to the UCC for a UCC Building Permit.  A UCC inspector will review your paperwork and return the application to the West Pennsboro Township office. You will then receive a phone call notifying you that your Permit is ready for pick-up.  Depending on workload this process could require anywhere from five days or as much as a three week turn-around time, so plan ahead.  Work can begin only after you have picked up your Building Permit from the UCC office in West Pennsboro Township.  The UCC inspector will let you know about the subsequent on-site inspection process.

The Township Secretary issues a Cooke Township Valuation Permit with a placard.  She will need the following: 

(1)   A written estimate of the materials list and the cost of the project. 

(2)   A drawing of what you plan to do.

(3)   If using a contractor, you need to show proof of their liability insurance, which can be email, to the Cooke Township secretary at

If your project requires you to get a UCC Permit in addition to the Cooke Township Valuation Permit, you will be given other paper work to take to the UCC office. You will need two copies of your building plans for them, along with the estimate and proof of your contractor’s liability insurance.